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Booxie At Its Best

  • Adding Video to Your Booxie - Lights, Camera, Action! Did you know you can add video to your Booxies?! By adding video you will bring new life to your digital stories, invitations, greeting cards and mini photo books. You can also still print Booxies that have video in them, by choosing a key frame that will appear as a still image when printed. Try it Out with These Quick Steps! STEP 1: While in the Create Screen on any page, tap ...Continue Reading
  • Booxie Tips - Sharing Sharing Your Booxie - Unlike other social media platforms, Booxie is the only one that allows you to share your special moments and unforgettable memories in multiple ways at the push of a button. Simply press on the three dots (...) at the bottom of your Booxie preview, and you will be shown an extensive list of sharing possibilities that include direct sharing to Facebook and Instagram. Booxies sent by Email or Text can be viewed by anyone you ...Continue Reading
  • Booxie Tell A Friend Girls Whispering Tell A Friend About Booxie! - The secret’s out! Booxie makes it easy to build communities and create connections with all of the special people in your social circle. So, tell your friends and family near and far about the joys of Booxie and start sharing your memories and stories with them today! In just two clicks you can be on your way to inviting your friends to join you on Booxie: Step 1 – Tap on the Main Menu button in the upper ...Continue Reading