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  • Discover Cool New Sites: The Weekly Faves Project believes the Internet should be an inspiring, easy and free experience for everyone. We, too, think that there must be an appealing and simple alternative to traditional Internet navigation. That is why we have taken up the task of simplification so that end-users could find what they’re looking for quickly, whether they are interested in Entertainment, Games, Kids, Shopping, Travel or anything else. With AllMyFaves, users can smoothly cruise on the vast Internet highway without wasting valuable time or having to sieve through irrelevant search results. Go to page

  • AppAdvice Booxie – Storytelling, Photo Book, Invites & Print

    Booxie is the only social sharing app that will transform your photos and videos into lasting memories and stories online and in print.

    Create fun photo collages, one-of-a-kind cards and invites or personalized photo books, flipbooks and scrapbooks – then publish your Booxie Creations to your favorite social networks like Facebook and Instagram, send them privately via email or text, as well as conveniently turn them into unique printed gifts made to last. Read full article

  • New Atlas Magazine The best new iOS and browser apps for video and graphics

    “Booxie is one of the best new iOS and browser apps for video and graphics…”

    Launched in January, the Booxie app is a number of things – a social network, a photo book creation tool, a print shop and an e-commerce outlet.

    With Booxie, you can create “books” from your own images and videos, combined with a number of in-app text and graphic effects. Once you complete a book, you can share it online with the general public, your Booxie connections or keep it private. Read full article

  • Digital Trends Booxie Launches Royalty Program




    Photographers can now earn royalties from their work by selling photo books straight from their iPhones. Booxie, an iOS app for creating custom photo books, today announced the launch of a royalties program for selling photobooks to followers.

    From chefs to photographers, Booxie says the new royalty program allows visual artists to share their work in a 4.25 by 4.25-inch photo book while earning a percentage of each print sale. As an app designed to create custom graphics with both photos and text, users have a variety of options for crafting different types of books for sale. Read full article

  • Yahoo Finance Booxie Introducing Booxie – A New Approach To Social Storytelling

    LOS ANGELES, Jan. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Sharing your stories and favorite memories has never been more fun. Available free in the App Store for iPhone and iPad devices, Booxie is a new app that will enable its users to transform photos, videos and graphics into shareable multimedia stories that best reflect their own creativity and style. Offering a multi-page canvas and an intuitive suite of design tools, anyone can use Booxie to turn special memories, ideas, and interests into imaginative digital stories that can be shared immediately over social networks, through email and SMS, as well as kept forever or gifted as printed 4.25″ by 4.25″  photo books. To read more about Booxie from Yahoo! Finance, click HERE.

  • Booxie App Multi Meida Create Multimedia Stories with the NEW Booxie App!

    Outnumbered 3 to 1 ~ By Krina ~ January 24, 2017

    Most of us love posting our photos on social media for our friends and family. It is a great way to share your life with the ones you know and love. You can now take it one step further with the super easy to use, Booxie, which is a whole new approach to social storytelling! They aim to evolve digital storytelling over social networks by giving its users the creative freedom to tell their own stories their way using photos, video, graphics, text, backgrounds, filters and more!  Read Karina’s entire article HERE!


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