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Fine Art at a Fraction of the Price

16 Full-Color Pages
(4.25″ Square): $7.99 each  •  Large (8″ Square): $12.99 each
For A Limited Time:  $0.99 Shipping & Handling!

Buy these exclusive professionally printed, softcover Booxies featuring the stunning images of award-winning landscape photographer Sean Bagshaw.
It’s the perfect gift for the nature-loving enthusiast in your life!

Flip through these exclusive Sean Bagshaw Booxies below to view each collection.

Order a BooxieClick here to purchase DESERT today!

“DESERTS are arid and often harsh environments. But they can also have a raw and powerful beauty. They are more diverse than many expect, second only to tropical rainforests for variety of plants and animals.”

– Sean Bagshaw


Order a BooxieClick here to purchase FOREST today!

“FORESTS: deep, mysterious, cool and shadowy. Visually complex with layers of forest floor, understory, trunks and canopy. Branches and leaves filtering the light.”

– Sean Bagshaw

Order a BooxieClick here to purchase MOUNTAIN today!

“Every MOUNTAIN is an ancient monument, each with its own personality and face. Born of pressure and eruption, they are battered by storm, shrouded in mist, bathed in light and they touch the sky.”

– Sean Bagshaw

Sean Bagshaw by Jared Hail
Sean Bagshaw, Booxie Select

Sean Bagshaw is an outdoor photographer, digital image developing enthusiast, and photography educator based in Ashland, Oregon. In the 1980s and 1990s, he did some rock climbing and mountaineering and enjoyed being the expedition photographer. Over time he became an avid student of the art of photography and his expeditions are to photograph mountains instead of climb them – he now spends several months a year on a quest for magical light. The capture of the image in the camera and developing it with artistic intent are given equal importance and attention on the path to the final piece. We think you will agree that these stunning images are worth collecting for yourself and are pleased to offer them as our first Booxie Select products. Follow Sean at Outdoor Exposure Photo as well as on Facebook, Instagram, Google + and Twitter.

“As a photographer, I love that Booxies can be shared and viewed online, but as a fan of the printed image, it is wonderful that people can order, collect and enjoy them as I always envisioned – outside the virtual environment. The quality of the paper, color and detail is beautiful.” – Sean Bagshaw