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Get Creative this Valentine’s Day

Get Creative this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day cards can be store-bought or crafted, but why not try this year creating Personalized with Photo Cards easily created with Booxie using your own photos, videos, as well as the app’s templates, fonts, backgrounds and stickers to convey your heart-day message visually and make it feel extra personal.

Booxie - Custom Valentine's Day Photo Card

Photo cards are often seen during the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be used for your Valentine’s Day creations. So let’s get started with a few ideas using Booxie.

Your kids’ Valentine’s Day card will stand out for sure at their classroom’s party simply by making them in Booxie. While you could purchase a box of cards and write in names for To and From, helping your kids create their own Valentine’s with Booxie will give the cards that extra love (which is really what Valentine’s Day is about, right?!).

If you haven’t already, download the Booxie app from the App Store:

Download Booxie App Store Booxie - Custom Valentine's Day Photo Cards

You can make the cards from scratch and will go crazy in love with Booxie’s design and editing tools on a blank canvas, or add a few of your own photos to a template and fancy up with text, stickers and backgrounds. We have over 135 Valentine’s Day themed graphics, stickers, and backgrounds in the app kids of all ages will love.

Valentine's Day Booxie Hearts Photo Cards

Check out our idea below to use a collage template to make a card. In this example, we chose a two-sided Booxie and a template from our Creative collection. We changed the colors of the boxes to red and pink, and snapped in a few Valentine’s themed photos (make the photos personal to your child, and if you want to be super cool, snap some shots of them with heart-themed photo booth props).

On the back of the card goes the To and From, and your child can write in names with a Sharpie pen, or just make it a general message for all such as “Know what I like about you? Everything!” or “You Rock Friend!”.

Custom Booxie Valentine's Day Photo Cards


To make a Valentine’s Day photo collage in Booxie:

1) Click ‘Create’ and choose either 2, 4 or 12+ Pages, then select ‘Template.’ For our collage layout, we choose a 2 Page Booxie, then selected the Valentine’s Day ‘Entire Booxie’ Theme.

2) Snap in your photos, then add your own personalized message.

4) You can also add additional stickers or change the background or font.

3) Click ‘Done’ to save and share your Valentine’s Day Booxie!

Order your custom Booxie Valentine’s Day Photo Cards by Thursday, February 1 for delivery by Monday, February 12. Use Promo Code LOVE2018 to get 20% OFF your order + Free Shipping! Ordering between Friday, February 2 and Monday, February 5? Choose USPS Priority or Overnight to ensure delivery by Monday, February 12 – use LOVE2018 for 20% OFF your custom Booxie Valentine’s Day Photo Cards. Terms and Conditions apply.

But wait, there’s more! Maybe you didn’t have a chance to send out holiday cards. Here’s a chance to spread some love with a family Valentine’s Day photo card or book that features sweet pics.


And a photo book made in Booxie is also a great way to tell your significant other how much you love them through photos. The only words you’ll need to accompany the photos are Happy Valentine’s Day.



Don’t be afraid to play with various effects in Booxie to add an element of fancy to the photos in your card — tools like brightness, contrast, saturation, transparency and blur can amplify the mood of your photos to feel more whimsical or artistic.

So have some fun this year and get creative with your cards and greetings for a Valentine’s Day love-fest to make your heart soar!


Download Booxie App Store Booxie - Custom Valentine's Day Photo Cards

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