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The Booxie Select Royalties Program is open to brands, nonprofits, presenters and performing arts organizations, as well as photographers and visual artists specifically selected by Booxie. Booxies ordered through the Select Program are available in the standard 4.25” square size and also in an exclusive larger 8″ size. Both are professionally printed and feature semi-gloss high-quality softcover matching the quality of fine art printing.



Generate New Revenues and Increase Brand Awareness with Booxie Select!



With Booxie You Can

  • Expand Merchandise Offerings

  • Publicize the Upcoming Season

  • Increase Audience Loyalty and Engagement 

  • Create Sharable Collections of Your Best Work



Perfect for presenting organizations, artists, dancers and more!

Performing Arts 4-Up

Booxies are fully customizable 2 to 24 page multi-media stories, mini-books or cards that can be shared online via social media, email, text or embedded into your website — and printed as 4.25″ or 8″ square, fine art quality collectibles.

With little to no upfront cost, you can use Booxie to generate revenues, repurpose existing content, and create new material that extends your brand messaging in engaging ways to fans, new audiences and your donors.



Use Booxie to Promote Your Upcoming Season Online or as Printed Promo Pieces!


Booxie Storytelling and Publishing Platform

Leverage this award-winning digital storytelling and publishing platform for your audience and donors today!

The Booxie Royalties Program is open to all users. To learn more about Booxie Royalties Program, click here.

To learn more about how Booxie Select can help your organization, please click HERE to contact Theresa Kennedy.

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