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Booxie Users can Earn a Percentage of their Printed Booxie Sales

Booxie, the only social storytelling iOS app with print capabilities, is excited to offer the Booxie Royalties Program, the only platform of its kind that gives users the opportunity to earn a percentage of sales from their profile’s printed photo books by simply “Opting In” from the settings menu. The Booxie Royalties Program is perfect for photographers, chefs, authors, and visual artists alike to share their talents and creations with their fans and followers in a tangible way all while opening up an additional stream of income by choosing the “Allow Others To Print” option when publishing a Booxie. Small businesses, aspiring up-and-coming talent, and even Booxie’s everyday user will be able to sell their custom creations through Booxie which will also open up a new platform of followers and fans.

Booxie is also the only app of its kind where users can turn special memories, ideas, and interests into imaginative digital stories that can be shared publicly or privately over social networks, through email, text messaging, and an embedded link. Creative individuals of all types can present the full breadth of their work while offering collectibles to their fans at an affordable price with 4.25” x 4.25” photo books printed on superior high-grade semi-gloss premium paper.

Get Started:

  • First, Register as a user on Booxie and create your Instant Photo Story App - Royalty Program
    account and profile page.
  • Click on the app’s main menu in the upper left hand corner of the home page or your profile page.
  • Click on Royalties link to “Opt-In” to the Booxie Royalties Program. Fill out the required information, along with a valid PayPal account. Of course, all data is securely stored and never shared.
  • Turn on “Others can order” option for each individual Booxie you would like available for others to print. Users may keep some Booxies private – these Booxies can only be seen by the user.
  • You’re all set! Now share your Booxies with “The World,” or your fans/followers and encourage them to print your branded collectible Booxie photo books. You can also share via Facebook, Instagram, Email, SMS, or embed a link on your own website.
  • Booxie will automatically transfer the royalties you’ve earned on a quarterly basis into your PayPal account within 30 days of the end of each quarter.


Q: Can I set my own price?

A: Currently, the pricing mirrors standard pricing for other Booxies, which is as follows (all standard size Booxies are 4.25″ square):

2 sided square postcard: $1.99
4-page square card: $2.49

Standard 4.25″ Perfect Bound Booklets:
12 Pages: $4.99
14 Pages: $5.49
16 Pages: $5.99
18 Pages: $6.49
20 Pages: $6.99
22 Pages: $7.49
24 Pages: $7.99

Q: Do I have to take orders from my website, or do they run through Booxie?

A: We’d love to have your followers join Booxie — it’s free! — and place their orders via the app.  That way they can easily visit your Booxie profile page and find all of your Booxies.  However, Booxie creators can also post their Booxies to their own website through an embed link. You can also increase the visibility of your Booxies by automatically sharing them on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram, or privately through email and text-messaging. Booxie’s unique “webview” allows anyone with access to the internet the ability to view and purchase Booxies from users who are enrolled in the Booxie Royalties Program. The actual sales and checkout function still forwards the user to our system, where purchases and quarterly Royalties payments are done via Paypal.

NOTE: For other FAQs regarding the Royalties Program, click here and scroll to the Booxie Royalties Program section.

To read the full Terms and Conditions for the Booxie Royalties Program, please click here:

Booxie Terms and Conditions

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