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BOOXIE, a social storytelling app with multi-function and print capabilities, offers an alternative to fleeting slideshows online by enabling users to transform photos, videos and graphics into shareable multimedia stories that best reflect their own creativity and style. Offering a multi-page canvas and an intuitive suite of design tools, anyone can use Booxie to turn special memories, events, holidays, ideas, and interests into imaginative digital stories that can be shared immediately over social networks, through email and text messaging. Each Booxie created has its own unique custom URL, as well as an embed link, enabling users the ability to share their stories, creation, product or brand literally anywhere.

Because memories should not fade away with a single post, Booxie offers a unique approach to printing, producing high-quality 4.25″ x 4.25″ softcover photo books printed on fine art quality paper starting at $1.99. They can be kept forever, gifted, delivered as invitations or greeting cards, individually sold through the Booxie Royalties Program or used as promotion for businesses and brands.

The Booxie Royalties Program offers users the opportunity to earn a percentage of sales from their printed photo books. It is perfect for photographers, chefs, authors, and visual artists alike to share their talents and creations in a tangible way all while opening up an additional source of revenue.

The Booxie Select Program is open to those specifically selected by Booxie. These users have a separate pricing table and royalties’ percentage per unit, the opportunity to sell 8″ x 8″ Booxies, an exclusive category on the Booxie Explore Page, as well as the potential for additional marketing efforts supported by Booxie. Select partners include Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and Award-Winning Landscape Photographer Sean Bagshaw.

Booxie was developed by legendary Hollywood photographer David Alexander and seasoned entertainment executive Ray Slay who believe that today’s social media users are craving deeper connections that go beyond a single photo.



Share your creation directly from the app to Facebook and Instagram; Post your Booxie to Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or any social platform using its own unique URL.

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