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5 Things I Love About Dad

5 Things I Love About Dad

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and you may be at a loss for words when it comes to finding things to say to your dad on Father’s Day, or you may be looking to do something creative with your kids for the hubs. While all dads are different, there are definitely things all dads want to hear, and using this day to maybe get a little sentimental is completely appropriate. And with Booxie, you can do this in a fun, creative and simple way that dad/hubby will love. This Father’s Day, try creating a custom photo book for dad in Booxie called Five Things I Love About Dad. The simple words and photos you use for the book will make sure that his day will be one to remember.

If you haven’t already, download Booxie from the App Store:

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In this example, we created a 12-page Booxie which easily allows you to feature 5 Things You Love About Dad:Fathers Day Sample BooxieClick on the image above to flip thru for inspiration, or check out the details below on some of the choices we made.

Page One — Cover: Create your own style! Use a family photo or two, frame the pics and add a background and stickers.
Page Two — What you love about dad #1 Text. You can create a box of any color behind it with your draw tool by choosing a solid shape and positioning it. 
Page Three — Here we added a favorite pic and fun baseball background sized to fit across two pages. 


Fathers Day Sample Booxie 2Page Four — What you love about dad #2. Mix up your text with different fonts and colors and outline it if you want!
Page Five — More fun images of Dad in action and themed stickers for #2. We chose a textured background in teal from the Paint category.
Page Six and Seven — What you love about dad #3. Add one or more pictures and a background of your choice… this one is from our Education category.


Fathers Day Sample 3Page Eight and Nine — What you love about dad #4. This fun bubble background is in our Holiday/Father’s Day category.
Page Ten and Eleven —  What you love about dad #5. This neutral paper Fathers Day Sample Back Cover
background choice really let’s a nice photo pop!

Page Twelve — Back Page. Add another personal message, background and stickers.  Or if you’ve got more pictures, it’s a great place to create a photo collage too! Have more to say? Don’t forget that you can add pages (up to 24 pages total), so you’re not limited to this exact format.

If you are creating one for your husband, just ask your kids what they love about their dad, then plug in the text, add in your own pictures, and decorate utilizing Booxie’s selection of themed stickers, frames and templates.

And we’ve got you covered with a number of Father’s Day card ideas and new templates in the app. Check out some designs below, then head on over to Booxie to personalize for your dad.

Fathers Day Template Samples

When it comes to Father’s Day gifts, going for the personal kind over a store-bought variety is the way to go. On a day when we celebrate fathers, it just makes sense to give them a gift that reminds them of why they are so great at what they do. What creative ideas do you have for this Father’s Day #GOCREATEABOOXIE!


Order your Father’s Day Booxie by June 4 to ensure delivery in time for June 17, and use the promo code BESTDAD for 20% off your printed order!

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